This spell is designed to soften the hardest of hearts.

Keep in mind it is never too late to change a person’s mind. Sometimes you have to look deeper than their superficial words and expressions. What lies beneath the surface is all important. If there is a glimmer of hope, if there is still a spark of interest deep within their soul, you have reason to pursue your love. This spell is particularly suited for you if:

You feel you need one more chance to salvage the relationship.

You feel misunderstood, that you are not being treated fairly, reasonably.

The person you care for is very special and is worth fighting for.

You want nothing more than a loving, caring, fulfilling relationship.

You are a loyal partner and you expect the same.

You want your warmth, your humor, your love to be reciprocated.

Order this spell if your loved one is upset with you, angry for reasons that are unclear or unreasonable to you.

Be aware that this is an extremely powerful spell that is intended to turn a person around in their tracks – instantly – making it abundantly clear that they made a terrible mistake. And once their heart is softened, they will be attracted to your warmth, your love, your true beauty inside and out.